Monday, July 1, 2013

Food Blog Screw Ups: FML Edition Starring Tea Eggs


Sometimes at the end of the day all the creating and photographing and documenting comes to naught. In this FML Edition of Food Blog Screw-Ups, I submit the above photo which was supposed to illustrate a post on tea eggs. I love tea eggs! They're so salty and delicious and pretty. But the above photo illustrates the importance of attention to detail, because it's really freaking gross, no?

Yup! That's a hair on the tea egg. Whose hair is it? I don't know, definitely not mine. Maybe it's a cat hair. Maybe it fell off a fuzzy black sweater. (That one seems likely.) But whatever kind of hair it is, it pretty much ruins an otherwise serviceable photo of a bowl of tea eggs, and that's why you're not getting a post on tea eggs today.

Sure, a normal person could just go wash off the tea eggs, re-plate them, and take the photos again. But that is impossible in this case, because I ate them.

This will teach me to try to eat a project before editing the photos. Often I prep a dish, photograph it, eat it, then later on hunt down the images in Adobe Bridge for editing. This time I opened up the RAW image, and there was a little tiny hair curled up in all its high-res glory. I was horrified, because as I mentioned, I'd just eaten the things. I checked all the images and sure enough, that little hair stars in every one.

Tea eggs are still great, but I think it will be a while before I can bring myself to make them again. Until I get back to you, just try this recipe from Steamy Kitchen.

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