Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Antipasti: Octopus Salad With Garlic


Hooray for summer! If anyone needs me, I'm just going to be eating octopus and sitting in front of my fan for the next four months.

This octopus salad with garlic came from the antipasti truck at the farmers' market that shows up outside my apartment every Thursday. I'm a real sucker for octopus.

These little tasting glasses are just the right size for serving little salads like this. They originally came as one of the stretch goals from Crucial Detail's Kickstarter to produce the Porthole, one of the more notable serving vessels over at The Aviary in Chicago. Everyone who backed the project got a pair of these little glasses as a bonus. Now they're available for sale over on the Crucial Detail site. I'm strongly considering picking up a couple more.

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