Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Cat-Eye Glasses With Rhinestones From Francis Klein


I have acquired new glasses! It was actually quite a long time coming, because I loved my old glasses so very much and had not found anything I liked quite as well.

I thought I was bereft of any other rhinestone-encrusted goodness, but then I discovered the wonderful world of Francis Klein eyeglasses.

Francis Klein glasses are all hand-made in Paris, and they tend towards the crazy and vaguely retro. I tried on several pairs with purple flowers or strange amounts of glitter. The pair I acquired are actually pretty tame for Francis Klein.

Image via Urban Optiks


All the models have names. These are the ANY. And since they're all custom made, your eyewear shop can get you pretty much whatever you want. Really, I was sitting at Eye Spy Optical in Chicago looking through models, putting together a plan for a fuchsia pair with sculpted flowers at the corners and rhinestones across the eyebrows. It would have been great, but there's something to be said for the pair that's right on your face. (And seriously, what would I have done if my fuchsia pair had shown up and looked hideous on me? You can't return custom frames.) So I went with one of the designs they had on hand.


The shape and the particular shades of brown involved are particularly flattering with my coloring (I can't wear black frames, no matter how hard I try), and there are little gold flowers with rhinestone pistils on the stems.



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