Friday, August 10, 2012

First Look: My New, Empty Apartment in Heidelberg, Germany


The previous couple posts on this blog have followed a certain theme, and that theme is: I have moved to Germany!

Nick is now teaching at the University of Heidelberg, and we've taken a new apartment in the Old Town there. It's an adorable little teddy bear village of a college town, and there will be more on that later. But considering that I'm now chasing ambience in an entirely new location, I thought I should give you an idea of what I've got to work with. More pictures after the jump...


The hallway lets out into this oddly shaped little alcove. The jury is still out as to whether or not it counts as a proper room, but if it's not actually an "office," it's certainly a nice, roomy alcove.

Then there's the living room, which is quite long and has these great bay windows at the end. I've always wanted a set of bay windows.


Then the kitchen...

The kitchen might not look like much, but it's actually one of the main reasons we were interested in this apartment. Most apartments in Germany don't have kitchens at all, and tenants are expected to purchase and install their own. Now I'm pretty handy with an Allen wrench, but does anyone seriously want to see me install a garbage disposal? I didn't think so. Not to mention that then you have to figure out what to do with the thing when you move again. ugh

This apartment comes with a "fitted kitchen," so we didn't have to buy our own.



Then there's the bedroom, which is nice and roomy, if a bit oddly shaped.




The bathroom actually makes me feel very tiny. The ceilings are crazy high, but so is everything else. That ledge that wraps around the room is chest-high on me.


Of course, that means the bathtub is also wonderfully long.


And there's a washing machine in the apartment! It's a little awkward in the middle of the bathroom like that, but seriously, there's a washing machine in the apartment. It could be installed in the middle of the bed, and I'd still be happy to see it.

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