Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Pot a Meyer Lemon Tree


I finally got a Meyer lemon tree! Nick and I have been wanting one of these guys since Stanford, but we never managed to get one. Our apartment in New York didn't have enough light for even a cactus (sorry, cactus), and we couldn't find one in Beijing. But I was walking down the Hauptstrasse yesterday and it was just sitting there in front of a shop full of dorm supplies, so I finally have my Meyer lemon tree.

Of course, that means I had to make a spiffy house for him ...

The selection of planters at Bauhaus was pretty slim, but I didn't have much more luck in the rest of town so I went back to Bauhaus and got the biggest pot I could carry.


Then I went to Idee, the arts and crafts store, and browsed around for inspiration. I left with a jar of fragment-finish paint in metallic turquoise.


While I was waiting for the pot to dry, I noticed that the sun pattern in our windows moves a lot through the day, so when I went back to Bauhaus for potting soil and citrus fertilizer (I had to leave that stuff behind on the previous trip, because the pot alone was as much as I could carry) I also got a little rolling plant stand so I can push the tree into the light.


Didn't love the color, though. So I stained it with some stain leftover from my Karlstad couch project (more on that later).


And now I have my very own Meyer lemon tree!


Check it out, I've already got lemons growing ...


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