Monday, July 16, 2012

Rou Bing: Chinese Meat-Filled Pancakes

Rou Bing - 14

Is it possible to be homesick for food? As glad as I was to get home and see my family again, and as excited as I am for my next move, I have to admit that I have frequent, intense pangs of homesickness for Beijing, usually whenever I think of the food. I'd be at a loss, though, as to which I miss more, my much beloved jian bing spicy breakfast crepes, or the frequent Meat and Beer days at the office, when we'd all take off at lunch for large beers and rou bing, salty, greasy, meat-filled pancakes from the stall across the street from our office. We went out for one last, bittersweet Meat and Beer day on my final day of work, and I took some pictures.

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Our rou bing spot had a very limited menu. There was a choice of beef or pork mixed with fennel, onion, or leek. (I saw a vegetarian friend order plain leek once, and the chef looked at him like he was a crazy person, but made it anyway.)

I ordered pork and onion.

First, the chef grabbed a handful of dough from the huge bowl under his counter. The rou bing is made from a loose, batter-like dough, which he worked with a bit of flour.

Rou Bing - 01

Rou Bing - 02

The fillings are all lined up in the refrigerator next to him. He grabbed a spatula of the pork and onion and plopped it in the middle of the dough.

Rou Bing - 03

Rou Bing - 04

Rou Bing - 05

Rou Bing - 06

Rou Bing - 07

Rou Bing - 08

Rou Bing - 09

Rou Bing - 12

The raw rou bing cook on this huge griddle for just a few minutes.

Rou Bing - 13

Rou Bing - 15

Man, I really do miss the food ...

This rou bing restaurant is a tiny storefront on Zhenzhi Lu in Chaoyang District, on the west side of the street just north of Guanghua Road. Actually, you could just go here. There's a string of restaurants, and the rou bing spot is the first one you'll encounter after passing the car repair spot. (I claim no responsibility if this post is out of date. Restaurants disappeared in Beijing so quickly I could barely get out of them in time.)

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Kaedi said...

You're an angel.

I'm currently in Xi'an, eating a rou bing myself. It's one of my favorite foods here (along with jian bing, agreed), and I KNOW I'm going to crave it all the time when I get back.

This post will be a lifesaver.