Friday, June 22, 2012

What to do with my first summer tomato


Not only is this my first tomato of 2012, it's my first-ever, full-grown, non-stolen, container garden tomato. It's a basic patio tomato breed, and it was hidden under the foliage so I very nearly missed picking it. (Possibly that's how he escaped my neighbors, as well.)

But I did pick him, and then had a photoshoot with him.


The basil is also from one of my pots, but everyone here has basil. Picking basil helps it grow faster, so if my neighbors wanted to take some basil, they could help themselves with my blessing. (And if anybody needs some mint, please call. My mint is going insane. I think it may annex the pool soon.)

It was pretty exciting to finally get an edible tomato from one of my plants. So what did I do after our photoshoot?

I ate him, of course.


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