Friday, April 20, 2012

What on Earth was I drinking? Prucia Plum Liqueur


Sometimes I wake up with strange photos in my camera and a vague recollection of having consumed something delicious. Such is the case with Prucia Plum Liqueur.

Kanetaka Daiki at Glen in Beijing is a master of mixing surprising cocktails, and he can work with anything. Testing him is always fun, because everything he makes is surprising, and occasionally it's a mystery. In this case, I woke up with the above photo in my camera and a sense that Daiki'd served me a revelation, the recipe for which was lost to me forever like some kind of fairy dream.

The Internet informs me that Prucia is made in France with locally produced Japanese Golden Plums. It's a Western-style liqueur with ume flavors and notes of apricot and marzipan.

Man, I wish I remembered what Daiki-san did to it.

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