Thursday, August 25, 2011

China Market Tour Part Five: Noodles and staple goods

The third and final floor of the market is devoted to noodles and bulk staples like rice, grains and cooking oils.

 Noodles & Staples - 1

 Noodles & Staples - 3

This lady was also selling mantou, steamed white buns, and wonton wrappers.

 Noodles & Staples - 2

This man was making enormous pancakes on a griddle. He also had chunks of sponge cake and some stacks of round wonton wrappers.

 Noodles & Staples - 4

Here's where you'd buy staple products like grains and oil.

 Noodles & Staples - 5

There was also a little bakery where you could get pre-made cakes and cookies and other kinds of pastries. My personal favorite is a kind of twisty bread roll with sesame paste run through the dough.

Well, we've finally reached the end of our market tour. It took awhile, but this is basically everything you'd see if you went to a market like this. Unfortunately, I recently moved apartments and am now in Sanlitun, where my local market is a standard Jingkelong grocery store. Le sigh.

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