Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is how clutter happens

I keep having ideas for things that would be awesome to have around. Then, when I acquire them, I have too many things lying around. Here is a list of things I want to have in my apartment because they would be cool.

A typewriter:

Typewriters look impressive, and sometimes I might want to use it if I want something typed on paper but do not want to have to carry my computer all the way over to the printer and plug it in.

A pleating iron:

This thing is both aesthetically toothsome and practical. You heat up the bottom part in the oven, and then you use this to pleat fabric. (For me, that is practical.)

A feng shui compass:

Earlier this week I decided to get into Feng Shui. I don't personally believe in geomancy, but I do believe in rules, and following Feng Shui's arrangement rules will theoretically prevent me from just piling all my possessions in the breakfast nook and calling it a day. You don't need the compass to do Feng Shui, but it looks kind of cool.

A forest of heads:

I kind of already have a forest of heads from all my wig blocks, but I also have several head-shaped vases and hat stands and such. I think it would be cool to get some mannequin hands in there.

So this is my current "home decor" shopping list. These things will join my creepy doll collection, 4,000 books, Nick's old Transformers, and 30 years of action figures in my nascent hoarder hole.