Friday, April 24, 2009

Eye Candy: This blog post brought to you by the letters "O" and "A"

I loved fireworks when I was 5 or 6. Then I became cool and they were "so lame" until I turned 21, which is when I figured out that one of the great gourmet pairings of the world is the marriage of fireworks and beer. Honestly, when else can you say, "Ooo" and "Aaaa" without a trace of irony?

I'm embarrassed to admit I said that out loud just now, even though I'm in my plain beige cubicle and there are neither fireworks nor beer within 100 feet. All I actually did was open a press release from a British company called Limlip that makes fiber optic chandeliers. They look like this:




This is like Laser Floyd.

I was going to write about "A properly orchestrated lighting schematic is essential to the deployment of blah blah ambience blah." But I'm easily distracted by brightly colored glowing things. I'm also fairly certain that those chandeliers would do truly amazing things to any women who happened to be wearing sequined dresses while sitting under them.

They also do plain crystal chandeliers that don't glow or anything. They just look like this:

Look! It's space!

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