Friday, February 13, 2009

Bobo's stuffed cat freaks out fashion bloggers

Bobo hosted the presentation (sort of a low-cost alternative to a runway show where fashion people walk around the clothes instead of seeing them on catwalk parade) for fashion designers Alison Lewis and Ashley Granata last night.

During the fashion show, a few bloggers from saw Bobo's stuffed bobcat for the first time and vaguely freaked out. Bobo's stuffed bobcat hangs from the ceiling and wears a pink tutu and pearls "like it was Audrey Hepburn," say the fashion bloggers. They thought he was dressed up for the fashion event, but really those are just his everyday clothes.

As far as hanging preserved animals from the ceiling, the Bobo cat may rival the Trader Vic's fish for this year's most terrifying decor award.

(I don't have pictures, but they do.)

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