Monday, September 8, 2008

Adventures in terrifying decor

This weekend I went to Trader Vic's in the basement of the Hilton Atlanta. I was hanging out at the bar with my friend India (whose hair was totally not perfect, and we totally did not make that joke seventeen thousand times that night).

India joked that the classic Breck-girl, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" over-the-shoulder hair flip best demonstrates the awesomeness of perfect hair. For me, I maintained the master is Rita Hayworth with her front-to-back, full-body hair flip from Gilda. While demonstrating the move, I flipped my head back and and found myself face-to-face with this:

This is the most evil objet d'art in the history of the world

It might be worth mentioning that I have a completely bizarre and irrational phobia of fish. Really, it borders on the pathological. Maybe I was a plankton in an earlier life? Who knows. Anyway, fish scare the pants off me, and this one looks like a cross between a WWII floating mine and the thing that ate Nemo's mom in Finding Nemo.

Did I mention there were 15-20 of them hanging all over the ceiling?

But it was OK. After 3 or 4 Mai Tais the horrifying dessicated zombie monsterfish stopped bothering me.

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