Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

The Miracle Fruit bungle seems to have wound itself down after the weekend. I guess they have jobs too.

It was pretty lukewarm as these things go. I got about five or six messages bitching out Miracle Connect, seventeen thousand requests for people to stop hitting “Reply to all” when bitching out Miracle Connect, and a couple people who decided the recipient list made a delightfully captive blog audience or support group.
“sorry, [name redacted], but I think it's important that everyone knows that many of us are experiencing the same frustration,” reasoned one fan of the Reply All button. (One might think the 224 names on the recipient list accomplished that on their own, but who am I to judge? Oh yeah, a blogger: J’accuse!)

I did get a chance to commiserate with Miracle Fruit-hunting restaurateur Carlos Suarez, owner of Bobo, who says he is still waiting for his berries or tablets. As to whether he was investigating berries for the restaurant, he says, “Indeed, I was just curious...initially I thought to share them at a friend's birthday party, but you never know!”

I hope he does get some. Then I hope I get some. (I kinda hope a couple people who spent the weekend spamming me about their crushed berry dreams don't get any at all.)

my kingdom for this berry

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