Friday, August 8, 2008

Strange Fruit

Oh dear. I just received the email addresses of 224 disappointed Miracle Fruit buyers.

Awhile ago those Miracle Berries that rewire your tastebuds were in the Times and They sounded pretty awesome, and everyone went crazy trying to get some. Including me.

But too many people wanted them and there weren't enough berries to go around. That brings us to today, when I got an email from Miracle Connect saying that there were no berries to be had, but they'd send a refund or miracle fruit tablets, which work the same way as the berries but are infinitely less exciting.

That's a little disappointing, but c'est la vie. The problem is that the mailing list was not BCC'ed (Blind Carbon Copied, in case my grandpa is reading) so every recipient can see every other recipient. Ugh. Last time this happened my mail box was stuffed for 4 days with people shouting, "Everyone just stop replying!" to each other.

(Also, there's at least one restaurateur on that list.)

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