Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chewing the Scenery

NRN Food editor Bret Thorn of Food Writer’s Diary said ambience is the second most important part of a dining experience, the first being whom you are dining with. So with that validation ringing in our ears, we’re ready to start covering restaurant design. Yay!

Here at Ambience Chaser we’re going to look at the nonfood aspects of the dining experience. And, for the record, we have every intention of being as shallow and superficial as humanly possible. Why are we qualified to write this blog? Because we’ve got a cell-phone camera and a wireless card, and we are not afraid to use them. (OK, we’re a little afraid to use them. It’s really embarrassing to take a picture in the middle of a crowded restaurant.)

In closing, a photographic record of the last place we dined:


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