Thursday, December 6, 2007

True gaming in the True Tavern

I got in a little trouble for cheating at True Dungeon this year. Nick, Justin, Tom and I were playing Saturday, so Friday we just hung out in the adjacent Fantasy Tavern playing checkers and drinking geek cocktails (I'm not saying they cockail-geek cocktails like the Desert Rose at PDT, but geek-geek cocktails, like "The Vulcan Death Grip -- really just a vodka cranberry)

A guy in a furry vest came up and sat next to us. He was excited because he'd just finished the dungeon crawl. He was also eager to talk about it, so I bought him a Battlestar Fantastica (7 and 7) and chatted for awhile.

Next to me, the guys were disbanding the checkers game on account of one of them being a bad checkers sport, and Nick said, "FWD, did that guy just tell you everything that happens in the dungeon?!"

"Yeah, kind of," I said. "I just bought him a drink and said 'so what are the rumors about what's in the dungeons this year?' and he told me everything."

Some people might think of it as cheating. I prefer to think of it as a successful Gather Information check. (+2 circumstance bonus for booze.)

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