Thursday, December 6, 2007

True gaming in the True Tavern

I got in a little trouble for cheating at True Dungeon this year. Nick, Justin, Tom and I were playing Saturday, so Friday we just hung out in the adjacent Fantasy Tavern playing checkers and drinking geek cocktails (I'm not saying they cockail-geek cocktails like the Desert Rose at PDT, but geek-geek cocktails, like "The Vulcan Death Grip -- really just a vodka cranberry)

A guy in a furry vest came up and sat next to us. He was excited because he'd just finished the dungeon crawl. He was also eager to talk about it, so I bought him a Battlestar Fantastica (7 and 7) and chatted for awhile.

Next to me, the guys were disbanding the checkers game on account of one of them being a bad checkers sport, and Nick said, "FWD, did that guy just tell you everything that happens in the dungeon?!"

"Yeah, kind of," I said. "I just bought him a drink and said 'so what are the rumors about what's in the dungeons this year?' and he told me everything."

Some people might think of it as cheating. I prefer to think of it as a successful Gather Information check. (+2 circumstance bonus for booze.)

My in-laws' dog ate my fake boob

My fancy shoes and costumes survived GenCon relatively unscathed. But Kipper the poodle-something-something dog ate one of my fake boobs.
They were the water-filled kind from Frederick's. He ate it and it popped and then he got a mouth full of whatever not-water they fill those things with. Then he drooled and looked pathetic for a little while, occasionally barking angrily at the remains of the fake boob.

To illustrate, here are some elegant bust pads called, amazingly, "Your Secret".

Don't you just love the lily? It's saying "It's OK, I'll keep Your Secret. I'm a lily. Everyone trusts lilies."