Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You can't have this pillow, because it's mine

I recently found uk-based designer showpony on Etsy, and I really like what she has to offer.

I normally don't go in for subtle patterns or colors - my taste is admittedly pretty flashy and entropic - but I have a serious construction fetish. Things that are well-made impress me, almost regardless of what the things might actually *be*. And in this case, her workmanship is impeccable. In particular, the line of "hidden pattern" purses and pillows really shows off what she can do with a sewing machine.

This cream, "hiding place" pillow is made of organic, fair trade cotton and is screen-printed with subtle, cute nature designs. The tiny folds she's sewn create little tucks, and there are spiders and beetles hidden in there!

Showpony's aesthetic is subtle and restrained, but she's got a great sense of humor. I really can't get over how cute and well-made these things are. Matching patterns like this is really difficult. If you miscut or mis-sew anywhere, it won't come out right. The attention to detail and workmanship are really showing off here, but they're doing it so subtlely that only someone who really looks for these things would notice. If I saw this in your house, I would be really impressed.

I hope someone sees it in my house and is impressed.

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