Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ode to a cute hat that I got in the Village

O cute hat that I got in the Village.
You are cute.
And I got you in the Village.

I was looking for a secret bar that is not very secret.
They had cocktails by a famous guy.
The summer cocktails were gone, and I didn't get a hot dog.

But I did get a hat! A hat that was cute, and purchased at a 24-hour hat shop in the Village.
(I didn't know I was in the Village. Someone told me later.)

The salesgirl was cute, but I could not purchase her, even in the Village.

So instead I got the cute hat she was wearing, so I too could be cute in that Village-shopgirl way.

O cute hat, I do not look like the shop girl, but I will never remove you.

Because my hair looks like shit under here.
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