Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Lovely Mistresses of George W. Bush

Sometimes the most amazing things turn up in my inbox. (Being an internet journalist is easy. You don't even have to leave your desk or stop playing Warcraft).

Today I got an announcement for a vintage-inspired pin-up calendar called The Lovely Mistresses of George W. Bush, which is amazing.

13 luscious liberals bid fond, half-naked farewell to the president with a 13-month countdown to his last day in office: January 20, 2009. (A date I know only because of this press release). I'd love it for the pictures alone, which are some of the best modern pin-ups I've seen, but the best part is the personal love letter to the soon-to-be-ex president from each girl, including telecom heiress Miss Eve Stroppin', frightened homemaker Miss Tara Fied, and pageant winner Miss Hallie Burton.

So far these are my favorites:

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