Monday, September 18, 2006

When you don't get drunken emails from your parents

... it usually means something is wrong.

My family usually calls or emails pretty frequently, so when the weekend passed with no heads-up I vaguely wondered what was up.

This morning I get the first communique in five days. My sister emails to say: "Good news! We found your car!"

That's always an interesting experience, as I had no idea that my car was missing.

Apparently she took my car out for a spin about a week ago and it disappeared. Then the entire family went into hush-mode and proceeded to not email me at all lest someone let it slip that my car is AWOL. Once it was found they could release the documents and email saying: "Hahaha! Your sister totally lost your car! We thought it was stolen for a week, but now that it turns out that she'd just parked in a tow-zone, we can apprise you of the whole situation."

I suppose there is precedent for this sort of thing. Two-thirds of my family worked for the government.